Keeping you moving

Dr Dianne Howski


Dr Dianne Howski, is an experienced doctor who has a strong interest in musculoskeletal health and sports medicine. She previously worked as an Orthopaedic Surgery registrar for 7 years in Orthopaedic Surgery where she gained extensive experience with injuries and musculoskeletal health problems affecting patients through all stages of life. She has worked in all public and private hospitals in Adelaide, gaining knowledge of how to help patients navigate recovery and rehabilitation in a straightforward, timely fashion. She is always keen to provide a whole person approach, with an eye for detail and aims to help patients achieve their goals.

She has knowledge of point of care ultrasound if required for intra-articular and steroid injections.

She assists Mr William Duncan and often works in St Andrews Hospital ED.

Dianne has previously played volleyball, tennis, rowing, squash, swimming and after many injuries appreciates the need for dedicated help with recovery. She now focuses on weights training.

She is a member of Sports Medicine Australia and South Australian Sports Medicine Association.

Greatest sporting moment:

  • Courtney Vine Kicking the winning goal against France in FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Dr Dianne Howski