Keeping you moving

Anthony Meade


ABN: 74 969 988 604 | Provider No. 2781375B

Accredited Sports Dietitian

Advanced Renal Dietitian
WSEMC since: 2008

Anthony is interested in performance nutrition for all athletes, regardless of level. Anthony brings 25 years of experience with elite teams and athletes from a variety of sports, as well as a lifetimes personal experience of training and competing in various sports and levels, to apply to each individuals sports nutrition challenges. Anthony has a particular interest in junior and developing athletes, aiming to promote healthy eating habits and create a platform for long term sporting success.

Anthony is also a very experienced kidney (renal) dietitian who is adept at bringing a practical approach to nutrition for all stages of chronic kidney disease.

Involvement with Teams and Associations


  • Masters Cycling (Competing)
  • Convenor Renal Nutrition Program
  • Lecturer Flinders University SA


  • Adelaide United FC - 15 years
  • Adelaide Crows Football Club - 4 years
  • Port Adelaide FC - 3 years
  • AFL Umpires - 10 years
  • Runner’s World Magazine
  • AIS Track Cycling
  • AIS Cricket Academy
  • Sports Dietitians Australia board 2001-2006

Greatest Sporting Moment:

  • Adelaide United Football Club A-League Grand Final win at Adelaide Oval.
Anthony Meade