Keeping you moving

Performance Rehab Coaching

WS+EMC’s Performance Rehab Coaches (PRC) give you the opportunity to access quality guidance from experts who specialise in delivering sports specific or rehabilitation strength and conditioning.

Our coaches work closely with the physio team towards integrating a comprehensive rehabilitation training plan and sports specific program, aiming to reduce injuries, manage workloads and target specific increases in strength, power and fitness so you can perform at your best, consistently.

Our coaches provide an invaluable resource towards assisting you to achieve your goals. They will profile your physical levels of strength, skill, fitness and mental skills together with your goals in order to create a ‘performance plan’. This involves teaching you how to improve in the gym and on the field by planning and progressing your training, offering supportive feedback and assisting in the inevitable ups and downs of sport and physical development.

The WS+EMC PRC work with beginners from 10+ year olds to elite high performers, emphasising development in:

  • Foundational movement skill, stability and control
  • Bio motor qualities of speed, power, strength, endurance
  • Sports specific skills, movements and pattern recognition
  • Improving aerobic (VO2 max & threshold) and anaerobic (tolerance and threshold) fitness
  • Mental skills and tactics to overcome performance anxiety, goal setting and motivational issues
  • Progression of end stage rehab integrating the ‘return to play’ criteria with a ‘fit to perform’ plan
  • Injury prevention measures and load monitoring
  • Maintenance of strength and fitness when injured

Our PRC services are available at our Next Gen clinic.