Keeping you moving

Damir Metljak

B.Pod (Podiatry), Certified Sports & Exercise Podiatrist (APODA)

ABN: 45 542 948 535 | Provider No. 4519068T

WS+EMC since: 2012

Having spent his entire career in the field of sports podiatry, Damir offers a realistic, thoughtful and innovative approach to solving his patients’ pain and foot and leg injuries. A certified sport & exercise podiatrist, He has experience treating a wide variety of patients, from English Premier League and A-League soccer players, to mums and dads wanting to complete their first marathon.

In addition to his clinical work, Damir is a podiatry tutor at the University of South Australia, guest speaker for South Australia Sports Medicine Association, and an avid skier, runner and reader.

Involvement with Teams and Associations


  • SA Sports Medicine Association – Committee Member
  • University of South Australia

Greatest Sporting Moment:

  • Liverpool clawing their way back from 0-3 at half time against AC Milan in the final of the 2004-05 Champions League final to win on penalties.
  • The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games men’s 4×100 m freestyle final
    (and Dennis Cometti’s commentary of the race).
  • Every Usain Bolt Olympic race
Damir Metljak