Keeping you moving

Hospital based acute care

Our team of hospital physiotherapists will guide you after your surgery, from as early as an hour after you return from theatre, and create early mobility opportunities for you to reduce complications related to extended bed rest and to minimise a fear of moving.

You will receive guidance and supervised practice on:

  • Moving well and moving safely.
  • Gait education and the use of appropriate walking aides, such as crutches, frames and knee walkers.
  • Walking tolerance and progressions.
  • Activity tolerance and functional training for basic activities of everyday living.
  • Using equipment to assist with daily living.
  • Undertaking activities such as car transfers (getting in and out as a passenger)

Each of our hospital team have more than 10 years’ experience working in the acute care setting and will utilise this expertise to guide you through the phases of your hospital stay.