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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rehab

End-stage rehab is largely not well executed and often patients are not pushed hard enough before returning to sport.

At Wakefield Sports and Exercise Medicine Clinic, we have highly trained physiotherapists working in ACL rehab, ready to take you to the level you need regardless of your end goal. We use a range of measurements to ascertain movement and strength asymmetries that are known to persist despite high levels of functional performance. Good neuromuscular control (knee joint co-ordination and alignment) is crucial for tasks such as jumping, landing and changing direction.

WS+EMC ACL rehabilitation testing

We are the only clinic in SA to provide isokinetic dynamometry as well as an evidenced-based comprehensive return to sport (RTS) assessment. The decision on when to return to play should be a shared one between the patient, the surgeon and the treating physiotherapist. This comprehensive assessment contributes to the decision making process with regards to RTS.

ACL RTS testing includes:

  • Isokinetic strength
  • Neuromuscular strength and control
  • Psychological readiness (to return to play)

Isokinetic strength testing (e.g. Cybex, Biodex, Kincom or Humac Norm) provides an objective measure of muscle strength and is used in sport, research and a variety of clinical settings. Isokinetic dynamometry is considered the ‘gold standard’ for measuring muscle strength.

Fear of re-injury and a lack of trust in your reconstructed knee is very common. However, building strength, gradually increasing the demands you place on your knee and realistic goal setting will help you to feel in control.

RTS testing provides regular comparative measurements during the course of the rehab to guide appropriate progression through the entire rehab pathway.

This includes:

  • Testing, analysis & patient education from our team of experienced APA Sports Physiotherapists specialising in ACL rehab
  • Comprehensive report to patient, surgeon & treating physiotherapist
    Including recommendations

Recommended time points for testing:

  • Test 1: 4-6 months post operation. We would recommend testing at 4 months with information used to assess suitability for running and moving to the next phase of our rehab program
  • Test 2: 6-8 months
  • Test 3: 9-12 months. Prior to being cleared to return to unrestricted training