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Knee Club

The WS+EMC Knee Club has been developed for athletes by our highly experienced sports physiotherapists to enhance rehabilitation from serious knee injuries and surgeries.

These include:

  • Ligament reconstruction, e.g. ACL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopy
  • Patella dislocation
  • Other painful or growth related conditions

In addition, any athletes looking to improve their lower limb strength, performance and prevent injury will benefit from attending the sessions.

ACL injury recovery

  • ACL rupture is a common injury during adolescence and adulthood and can have a devastating effect for young athletes where sport is an important part of their life
  • Statistics show that only 55% of athletes return to competitive sport following an ACL injury and that they often have functional deficits despite performing at a high level
  • 25% of athletes will re-tear their ACL or tear the one on the opposite side

How Knee Club can help:

Our Knee Club uses an individualised and methodical approach to rehabilitation which is necessary to help athletes back to sport and prevent subsequent knee injuries, including ACL rupture and others.

Sessions focus on:

  • Improving strength, power, endurance of the lower body and trunk muscles
  • Balance retraining
  • Jumping and landing techniques
  • Functional and sports specific training
  • Perturbation training
  • Recovery techniques

What to expect:

  • An initial individual consultation with one of our physiotherapists allows for a comprehensive assessment, goal setting and the development of your individualised program
  • Group sessions, conducted by our APA qualified Sports Physiotherapists are 45 minutes duration, with up to five participants
  • All sessions may be claimable as physiotherapy extras through your private health fund. Please check with your fund to confirm.