Keeping you moving

In-patient services

Exercise is an important part of medicine and rehabilitation. Our clinic is not just for those who participate in exercise or sport, but for those who are missing out on physical activity and are looking forward to participating again.

Wakefield Sports and Exercise Medicine Clinic provides Orthopaedic rehabilitation services with an exercise and education focus. This service is available both face-to-face with our practitioners or via Telehealth if you are unable to attend our clinic for any reason.

Our services include:

Pre-operative preparation and prehabilitation

  • Education on the surgery, what to do in preparation for the surgery, what to expect in hospital and what will your rehabilitation entail after your surgery.
  • Exercise to improve your capacity to undertake your surgery and develop your confidence in moving after your surgery.
  • Identification of equipment (walking aids, bathroom aids, chairs etc.) that may be required following your surgery.

Post-operative rehabilitation

Within a week of your surgery, we encourage you to a follow up with our rehabilitation team to review your home exercise provided in hospital, ask and receive answers to questions that may have arisen since your hospital stay and progress your exercise program, dependent upon your capacity to do so.

What to expect:

  • Education on the phases of rehabilitation and likely duration
  • Identification of resources required to complete your rehabilitation (e.g. gym memberships, exercise equipment) at home or in other settings.
  • Review of post-operative swelling and wound healing by our Physiotherapists and referral you back to your surgeon or GP if there are any concerns.
  • Guidance on exercises to improve your capacity to undertake desired physical activities and tasks at home, within the limits of your body’s healing tolerance.
  • Improvements to your balance and muscle coordination and walking quality.
  • Development of muscle strength and stamina – not only at the area of recent injury or surgery, but at adjacent areas of the body to ensure that the workload is being shared and not overstressing any one area.

We utilise:

  • Home exercise programs.
  • Walking programs in conjunction with our Exercise Physiologist
  • Aquatic Physiotherapy
  • Gym and equipment-based rehabilitation - in conjunction with our Exercise Physiologist and/or Performance Rehab Coach
  • Manual therapy (where indicated) - in conjunction with our Remedial Massage Therapist