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Hydrotherapy in Adelaide

After a clinical assessment, some clients may undergo supervised hydrotherapy in Adelaide to relieve pain and aid in a number of movement-related conditions. At Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic, we pride ourselves on being the best and providing Adelaide's most comprehensive sports and musculoskeletal services to all individuals at every stage of their journey.

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We run all our hydrotherapy sessions in North Adelaide at our Next Gen clinic and utilise the Next Gen gymnasium pool. Enquire with our reception team today.

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Expert Hydrotherapy for Adelaide Residents

Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is a form or rehabilitation. Through the use of water, this can aid in joint range of motion, normalise movement, strengthen muscles, ease aches and pains, whilst also improving balance. Hydrotherapy can assist those suffering from mobility issues like arthritis or inflammation. Hydrotherapy utilises the following three properties of water;

  • Buoyancy

This property allows your body to move comfortably and freely in water by assisting and facilitating movement whilst reducing weight bearing. Buoyancy helps in regaining mobility and performing activities that individuals would be unable to achieve outside of the pool.

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  • Resistance

Water resistance and the use of equipment such as paddles and kickboards can increase the effort required by your muscles to assist in improving strength, power, endurance and conditioning.

  • Turbulence

This property challenges balance and stability.

Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic has access to the pool at the Next Generation gym complex. With a uniform depth of 1.2m, most people stand chest-deep in the water. The use of water helps reduce the load on joints, muscles, and ligaments of the legs and the back by around 30% when compared with your normal body weight.

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What to Expect From Our Hydrotherapy in Adelaide

Hydrotherapy will help you retrain movement patterns, restore mobility and flexibility, and gradually build confidence and strength. Hydrotherapy is tailored to the individual. It is supervised and progresses accordingly to help you get back to your post-injury activities. Here is what to expect with our hydrotherapy;

  • An initial 40-minute assessment, either with your treating physiotherapist or the aquatic physiotherapist, who will perform a comprehensive evaluation and set goals for you based on these findings.
  • Two individual, 30-minute sessions in the pool to establish a suitable program for you. You will be taught the correct technique for these exercises, which ensures you are confident and safe before joining our small group classes.
  • Progression to 30-minute, small group classes run by an Aquatic Physiotherapist, with a maximum of six participants. Individual and group sessions may be claimable as physiotherapy extras through your private health fund. Please check with your fund to confirm.
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We run all our hydrotherapy sessions at our Next Gen clinic and utilise the Next Gen gymnasium pool. Enquire with our reception team today.

(08) 8232 5833