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Total Hip and Knee Replacement Education

Over the last 15 years, the Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic physiotherapy department (previously Wakefield Sports Clinic) has been running pre-operative education classes for patients undergoing elective joint replacements.

These educational videos:

  • introduce you to the total hip or total knee replacement
  • how to prepare for the surgery (home; family; transport; equipment)
  • what to expect postoperatively
  • what will be involved in your hospital stay

They also educate you in:

  • postoperative exercises
  • what does rehabilitation look like
  • gait progressions (including types of aids)

Watching this educational video is highly recommended. Please allow up to two weeks prior to your surgery to view the video.

If you find that you have further questions when you have reached the end of the video, please feel free to follow the link in the description at the bottom of the video page to submit these. A physio will respond to these at their earliest convenience.

Click HERE to register and gain access to the

TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT educational video


Click HERE to register and gain access to the

TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT educational video

Total hip replacement talk. pdf

Total knee replacement talk pdf