Keeping you moving

Natania Huff

B App Sc (Physio)

WS+EMC since: April 2021

Since graduation, Natania has sought opportunities to expand her skills and knowledge in inpatient hospital and aquatic Physiotherapy care. She has worked in public and private hospitals within South Australia, England, Scotland and Ireland and developed senior roles in Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation, Clinical Education and Hydrotherapy.

Natania enjoys working within the inpatient Orthopaedic and Hydrotherapy services at WS+EMC. She is committed to ensuring her patients are provided individualised therapy programs that work towards meaningful goals, to encourage and equip them with confidence in their recovery. In the hydrotherapy pool, she uses the benefits of immersion to allow comfortable early movement that can then lead into progressions with the use pool equipment and exercise advancement.

Natania seeks to understand the life passions of her clients and how this can motivate them in their therapy for the best possible outcome.

Involvement with Teams and Association:


2006-2008: SA Representative on the APA Aquatic Group National Committee

2007 and 2009: Aquatic Representative on the Organising committee for APA National Conference Week

2018-1019: Clinical Educator for UniSA acute care student placements at Calvary Wakefield Hospital

2019-2020: Sole Allied Health staff member of the Transition Support Officer team for the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital pre- and post-opening

2021: completed GLA: D osteoarthritis program accreditation

2022: Panel member for APA Aquatic Group Q&A webinar: Jumping into Aquatic Physiotherapy – how to prepare for working in this area


SA representative on the APA National Aquatic Group Committee

Committee Member for the South Australian Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Network

Natania Huff