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Who You Are

It’s not always about the medals and accolades. The winner’s dais has its place, but you know that victory takes many forms. Inside you there are far more personal measures of success, the innate desire to surpass your best and the adrenalin kick of new physical challenges drive you as much as any trophy.

You’re a weekend warrior – an athlete who learns as much from the losses as the wins. Failure burns, but it doesn’t stop you. You’ve taken some knocks, but you always get back up. Victory can sometimes be elusive, but that warrior instinct in you keeps you pushing on. You compete for the way your team becomes a family, the competition, the memories, the pain, it’s who you are.

When you put your body on the line week after week, sometimes there’s a price to be paid. Even the finest warriors must deal with battle scars. Don’t let sports injuries drain your fighting spirit – see them as just another challenge to conquer. Pain might be inevitable, but suffering is optional. Wakefield Sports Clinic offers you specialised treatment when you’re on the sporting sidelines or simply want to take your performance to the next level. With experts across multiple disciplines, it’s time you joined the winning team.