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Teens Exercise Rehabilitation

Wakefield Sports Clinic offers Exercise Rehabilitation sessions targeted specifically at Teens. These sessions incorporate a blend of reformer exercises and movement foundation exercises. This type of activity has numerous benefits for teenagers during their body development years. Not only can these classes help improve postural awareness, flexibility, strength and balance but it can also assist in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Teens Exercise Rehabilitation sessions are based on an individualised program performed in a fun small group setting. Depending on the teenager’s needs it can be designed for both the non-athletic as well as the competitive teen. Exercise Rehabilitation is a great way of facilitating adolescents’ participation in exercise and developing long lasting healthy exercise routines because it caters to their various ages, fitness levels, and athletic abilities. Exercise Rehabilitation can be used for injury prevention, rehabilitation, postural improvement and even improving self-esteem. For the more athletic teen, generalised and sports specific physical traits can be developed. It is the ideal method to support growing athletes trying to keep up with the demands of school and club sport, whether it be for cross training, injury prevention or in the rehabilitation phase for a specific injury.

An individual assessment will be required if the teenager is new to the clinic. Please speak to our friendly reception staff at the top of the stairs on level 1 for more details.

Next Gen, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide. For all bookings and enquiries call 8221 7000.