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Exercise Rehabilitation


Exercise Rehabilitation is a holistic form of rehabilitation supervised by a physiotherapist which uses a variety of mediums to improve how you use your body. Through the use of Pilates based exercises & equipment, as well as strength & balance, these sessions will help improve your posture & movement. At WSC Exercise Rehabilitation is used, not only for rehabilitation, but also ‘prehab‘ (preventative rehab) for a variety of injuries and conditions to assist in correcting faulty movement patterns, muscle imbalance and strength and balance deficits. Our physiotherapists are Pilates accredited, experienced in exercise prescription and are skilled in the identification and correction of poor postural habits and imbalances.

Exercise Rehabilitation sessions are an individualised programme designed from the initial 1:1 sessions which progresses to a small group setting (no more than five) where each individual undertakes their personal program under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Review of the program happens periodically by the referring physiotherapist.



  • Management of muscle and joint pain
  • Movement and postural re-training
  • Relief of tension and fatigue
  • Injury rehabilitation and safe return to exercise
  • Specific rehabilitation of surgery, trauma,
    sports and dance injuries
  • Conditioning, cross-training and technique modification
    for sports and dance
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis management
  • Ante and post natal fitness
  • Improve flexibility, strength and balance

What to expect:

  • An initial 40 minute consultation allows for a comprehensive assessment, goal setting and the development of your individualised Exercise Rehab program.
  • Usually 2-3 individual sessions (40 minutes) are required to learn and practice the exercises before you progress into a small group session
  • Group sessions, conducted by our accredited trained Physiotherapists are 45 minutes duration, with up to five participants
  • All sessions can be claimed under ancillary cover of your private health fund – under Physiotherapy, please check with your health fund

Please call Next Gen, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide for all bookings and enquiries 8221 7000