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Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic Physiotherapy (often referred to as Hydrotherapy) is a form of exercise or water therapy that can be used as a form of rehabilitation to aid joint range of motion, strengthen muscles and ease aches and pains, either acute or chronic.

Aquatic Physiotherapy combines three major components that work together to improve comfort and/or function.

  • Buoyancy (ability to float): The water allows forces that act on the body to be reduced. Movement in water is easier and more comfortable due to decreased load transmitted through joints and muscles. Buoyancy can also assist with improving joint range of motion and may facilitate earlier return to function and activity after surgery or injury. It is also beneficial in managing chronic painful conditions like osteoarthritis
  • Resistance (working against a force): The viscosity of water as well as the use of floats, paddles and other equipment can be helpful when trying to increase the physical effort of exercising muscles to promote strength, power and conditioning where weakness, injury or pain are hampering recovery
  • Drag and Turbulence: both work together to aid in rehabilitation. Drag creates opposition to movements of the limbs in the water. Turbulence is the agitation of the surrounding water and can be used to improve balance and stability



  • Management of muscle and joint pain
  • Movement and postural re-training
  • Relief of tension and fatigue
  • Injury rehabilitation and safe return to exercise
  • Specific rehabilitation for surgery, trauma,sports and dance injuries
  • Conditioning, cross-training and technique modification for sports and dance
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis management
  • Ante and post natal fitness

What to expect:

  • An initial 40 minute consultation allows for  comprehensive assessment and goal setting.
  • Aquatic physiotherapy program planning – individual session/s are required before
    progressing into smaller groups.
  • Sessions are 30 mins.
  • Aquatic physiotherapy sessions are conducted by a trained Physiotherapists.
  • All sessions can be claimed under ancillary cover of your private health fund – under  &/or Physiotherapy, please check with your health fund for more details.

All Aquatic Physiotherapy sessions are run at our Next Gen clinic accessing the Next Gen gymnasium pool. The pool is heated, easily accessed via stairs and is a consistent 1.2m depth.

Next Gen, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide. For all bookings and enquiries call 8221 7000.

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