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NordBord - Hamstring testing device


Hamstring strain injury is the most common injury type in a number of sports and is notorious for its high recurrence rate. The most commonly cited risk factor for future hamstring injury is a previous hamstring strain.

The Wakefield Sports Clinic is one of the only physiotherapy clinics in Adelaide to utilize the NordBord , a novel hamstring testing device. The NordBord (patent pending) is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance.

If you have a past history of hamstring injury or had a significant knee injury such as an ACL rupture, this quick test can assess your hamstring strength and help to guide your rehabilitation. Regaining muscle strength particularly eccentric muscle strength is the key to preventing recurrence.

Great for pre-season testing for individuals and for teams , the information from NordBord testing can help prevent injury and keep you and your teammates on the field. Contact us to organize pre-season hamstring testing on 8232 5566.

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