Brie Salagaras

Accredited Sports Dietitian, Credentialed Diabetes Educator, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

BExSc, CertDiabEd, MNut&D, MExPhys

WSC Since: 2017

Brie began working as a dietitian in 2012, in North QLD. Since then her career has lead to specialising in chronic disease, predominantly diabetes and elite athletes. Brie has a strong interest in the nutrition and weight loss aspect of the management of osteoarthritis.  She has spent the first 3 years of her career working in hospitals, private clinics and not for profit organisations across Australia before moving to Adelaide to further pursue these interests, as well as work for the Adelaide Football Club in 2015.  Brie continues to work as the dietitian for the Adelaide Football Club and is also undertaking a research degree with the aspiration of completing a PhD in sports nutrition.

Involvement with Teams and Associations

  • Adelaide Football Club

Greatest Sporting Moment:

  • Australian Women’s 7’s team winning gold at Rio Olympics 2016
  • by WSC

    Low back pain is particularly prevalent among younger fast bowlers. The repetitive action of bowling for long spells places excessive stress on the tissues of the lower back, where stress fractures of the vertebra (Spondylolysis) can develop.

  • by WSC

    Swimming laps using a freestyle stroke will use the muscles of your legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks and more.

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    Every MLB ball is covered in mud from a secret location in New Jersey that only one man knows.

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    Tennis balls are a great massage tool for releasing muscle tension in concentrated areas.