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Andrew Maynard

Performance Rehab Coach

ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach; Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science; Australian Track & Field Coaches Association (ATFCA); Powerlifting Australia

Andrew has extensive knowledge and experience in the human performance realm. His passions overflowed from his own experience as an athlete and into the strength and conditioning field, where he is able to draw on his own high-level experiences and comprehensive knowledge base as both an athlete and coach.

He is an exceptional exponent of his craft and has a serious passion for helping various types of people achieve their goals. Andrew specialises in athletic development and human performance enhancement. With a strong scientific foundation behind him he practically applies contemporary and traditional methodology in order to help people achieve their goals, adjust the boredom of their conventional fitness regimes and peak for competitions. Additionally he is well versed in consulting on the topics of programming, load management and implementing behavioural change which often dictate fitness outcomes.

Involvement with Teams and Associations

  • Adelaide United Women’s Physical Performance Manager
  • Australia Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) Member
Physical Performance Coach
  • Adelaide Thunderbirds(2011 – 2015)
  • Tennis SA (Brad Mousley)
High Performance Consultant
  • Adelaide 36ers (2011)
  • Adelaide Crows (2011)
  • Various SANFL teams incl – Central Districts FC, Woodville West Torrens FC
  • Various NBA teams incl – Chicago Bulls, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks
  • Croydon Kings Soccer Club
  • Trinity MMA

Greatest Sporting Moment:

  • Physical performance coach for the Adelaide Thunderbirds championships winning 2011 & 2013 teams
  • Watching and coaching Brad Mousley through his QF doubles success in the 2017 Australian Open
  • Working with the Memphis Grizzlies and getting to meet my childhood hero Vince Carter