Are you training for a special event?

When you’re training for a big event, body fatigue and joint and muscle stress are a common occurrence. Add to this the day-to-day pressures of life and you could be adding ‘brain’ fatigue to the mix as well. If your body and brain is tired, restore the balance. A suitably applied massage could be just what is needed.

Sports and remedial massage has become an essential part of all athletic events; from swimming, cycling, running, tennis and body building to dancing. It is used to boost performance and prevent injury and to aid athletes in training, both before and after a competition.

The obvious benefits of a sports or remedial massage are the anatomical and physiological changes, while other elements are enhanced, including your emotional and mental state. All of these benefits are guaranteed to keep your training on track and in focus.

At Wakefield Sports Clinic qualified massage therapists Yvie Lees and Steve Kinnane are available, onsite at the gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Both therapists are registered with private health providers, enabling rebate on certain levels of private health insurance.

Visit Wakefield Sports Clinic on level 1 or phone 8221 7000 for more information.