Do you suffer from neck, jaw or headache pain?

Management of this type of pain is a great challenge. It is not life threatening but it can profoundly affect your quality of life.

The key is to understand the real source of the pain, in our experience the most common causes are;

  • Upper neck joint problems
  • Weak neck muscle strength and endurance
  • Tight neck muscles/poor workplace postures
  • Disruption to normal jaw mechanics and chewing muscles
  • Increased sensitivity of the central nervous system
To assist you to take charge of your headache/facial pain Wakefield Sports Clinic has recently added Headache Management to their list of specialist services. Our headache team; Suzanne Jacobson, Marieke Cornelissen and Ben Onofrio have collated their experience and work with sufferers in the accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment of their headaches.

Take control of the pain and book in to see a member of the Wakefield Sports Clinic’s Headache team today. Visit us on Level 1 or phone 8221 7000 for more information.