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Gait & Running Analysis
Have you seen Wakefield’s Podiatrist, Damir Metljak, in the club, hustling patients on the treadmill while he captures video of them moving? A few bewildered and intrigued glances have been cast his way, but what he is doing is performing a dynamic assessment, or gait (&/or running) analysis, as part of his consultation.

The aim of the dynamic assessment is to further identify the injured structure/s of the patient, determine whether the current movement pattern is contributing to increased load on the injured anatomy, and to help formulate an appropriate management plan to reduce any damaging loads/stresses. When assessing anybody who is active, the entire limb (not just the foot!) is evaluated, particularly the control of the pelvis and the trunk, as the way these move can significantly alter the way the limb beneath it moves (and the same goes equally for the foot!). If you have been suffering from niggling injuries or your running has not felt quite as good as it should, Damir is available for consultation at Wakefield Sports Clinic here at Next Generation. Please ring their friendly reception staff on 8221 7000 or pop in and see them on the 1st floor.  They are located at the top of the stairs (next to the lift) or near the Regeneration Spa.